Birth (copy)

Early morning star
Born in hot July
Under a moon sign.
Just a few days later
Man had landed there.
A year and months before
Her parents had traveled
To Paris in May
She was conceived after
That revolution.
Was that a sign to have
An effect on her life?
Bright moon, full of secrets
Hot earth in Mare Nostrum,
The naked baby
Was born in that July
Naked we all come
Eager to learn
And so the baby was.
Nefertiti-like head
Result of this birth.
Will come back to normal?
No problem, doctor said.
Eyes wide open
Not a sleeping baby.
She soon learns to speak
Before she can even walk.
A most difficult word
Before “mama”, això
Means I want this or that.
She gets always
What she wants.
That is how Kyrta
Came into this world.


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