Mind and Soul

Termes blaves copy 2    Termes roges copy 2

I want to caress your mind
and your soul.
You inspire me.
Inspiration that leads to creation.
The purpose of transformation,
so challenging and yet frightening.
Our lives and the world
moving in all directions:
backward and forward,
inward and outward.
A beautiful London encounter
makes it all possible.
Already longing for you then
and still doing it now,
so afraid of hurting you and others.
Metaphysical, platonic love
or just a self-constructed image?
And yet the river flows,
so many thoughts and feelings
turning life into constant process.
Will our people one day
reach the desired freedom?
Can we be loved and accepted
for who we are?
Every day history is written
stepping on a long stony trail
in search for our true identity
and longing to be finally perceived.


© June 2016 Marta Pombo Sallés

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