The Magic Flow

Casa misteriosa copy

An empty space in the widest ocean
Separates families from each other.
Father left soon, became a refugee
But mother and children had to stay.

Of course they all want to get together
Like so many others in our world.
This empty space is now the eternal wait
They are hoping fate will change one day.

Like two ships sailing in different waters
Father and mother miss each other
Never being able to meet again
Always worried about their children’s pain.

Night falls slowly on that place,
Daylight comes to the other.
The leaving sun, the rising moon
Brief meeting now, the magic flow.

Could light and darkness ever mingle?
The inner need remains intense,
One ship wonders about the other
Whether she or he would miss this lover.

Their bond exists through time and space
There might be a wall or a sea
That always leads to separation.
This on-going bloody war
Has become the highest wall,
Two people living too far
Has become the widest sea.

Yet desire grows, it never dies.
The bond is there, what kind is it
Has it evolved, she-he wonders.

They touch each other in the great distance
Swift mental touch, thoughts and feelings
Intense emotion, moment of ecstasy.

The wind on the lake, the bird flies away
The moon rises, the sun goes down.
Day and night, sun and moon
Light and darkness, peace and war
Rich and poor, hope for both?

This brief encounter soon vanishes
Paper letters, classic phone calls
Skype or Facebook, email, Whatsapp
The instant fades, the magic flow.


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