Llac de Banyoles copy

You are, dear friend,

The soul of happiness

You truly send.

Warming sun ray

Defeats the loneliness

And fills the day

Of who remains with you.


We cry and laugh,

Understand each other

When times are tough

Friends are like fresh flowers.

Red roses we gather

For so many hours

Our friendship is so true.


Never leave, friend,

Those people who love you,

Don’t put an end

To this most precious gift.

Friend, this is our virtue

Do not set it adrift

Amid the dark and blue.


Friendship is this:

To care for each other

Make it our bliss.

This is how real friendship

We won’t dare to smother,

Our true companionship

Exists because of you.


© July 2016 Marta Pombo Sallés

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