Two Parallel Worlds

Two Parallel Worlds.png

Two parallel worlds I see

like the two rivers that never meet,

like the two boats passing by

where light and darkness

are opposites to each other.

Can the sun and the moon

meet only a few moments?

Can I ever meet you again, my love,

on the other side of the globe?

A new poem you wrote today,

entangled words for me again

longing to perceive

for my love and admiration,

what I feel for you, dearest friend,

is both intellectual and sexual.

Is it just infatuation?

Oh, how I long to find out

and hope the time comes soon

to find the truth, my love.

A new book in my hand

try to read and understand

just what my humble mind

is able to, my dearest friend.

For the moment I can only see

you and me, two parallel worlds.

For the moment I just long to be

with you, my love and dearest friend.


© August 2016 Marta Pombo Sallés

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