The Dancers

A dim light spinning around, Feeling of emptiness, We are thrown into the world. What Heidegger once called: Geworfenheit.   In a dancing class we are Under wondrous guidance Reaching harmony in motion, Music spreading slowly Into our souls. A veil covers our bodies Giving us confidence Eyes closed while we dance alone. Flow of… Continue reading The Dancers

Escape, Illusion and Hope (English and Catalan versions)

ENGLISH: . Wandering state of irreality The moon on a cloud ripples dreams Of impossibility . Bird flying bleeding heart Icarus wings melted sunk into the ocean Of a sandy illusion Emerald pine tree stains souls evergreen Vanishes sadness and emptiness meandering through time Of Hope . CATALÀ: . Viatjant estat d’irrealitat La lluna en… Continue reading Escape, Illusion and Hope (English and Catalan versions)