The Shower Of Dreams


Bright stars shine above you

in a quiet peaceful night.

You enter the pool too

wanting to feel great delight.

The warmth of the water

embraces you against the cold

you are a dreamwalker

ready for secrets to unfold.

Water is pure illumination

little palm trees surround you.

Feel the million bubbles sensation

your eyes closed see all so true.

Your mind, your body and soul

sense this great unique pleasure

experience it as a whole

keep it as your treasure.

Water under full moon, bright glow

we will have to leave quite soon

the other pools are all below.

A neat and modern version

of baths from ancient Rome

where you find relaxation

and try to feel at home.

Lukewarm water, just step inside

now the hottest pool and your last try

the Frigidarium lays beside

the coldest water won’t make you die.

Jacuzzi baths, special showers

this one, the shower of dreams

you could stay for many hours

nothing is what it seems.

You think of those left behind

who fought for our freedom

today Muriel’s (1) on your mind

brave woman with her wisdom.

A cat I once saw, jumped so high

so confident on top of a shower

at someone’s home, that is no lie

the cat conquered a defensive tower.

The natural enemy was not defied

I saw the water running below

the cat’s confidence was partly denied

the owner would come as you should know.

Human nature is not so different

as far as confidence, not as showers

the shower of dreams makes you confident

a joy in this spa that shows its powers.

You bathe in its beautiful colors

a rainbow of million pearls frozen

on your skin the most pleasant odors

the shower of dreams is what you’ve chosen.



(1) Muriel Casals was a Catalan pro-independence leader who died February 2016.



© September 2016 Marta Pombo Sallés


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