The Dancers


A dim light spinning around,

Feeling of emptiness,

We are thrown into the world.

What Heidegger once called:



In a dancing class we are

Under wondrous guidance

Reaching harmony in motion,

Music spreading slowly

Into our souls.

A veil covers our bodies

Giving us confidence

Eyes closed while we dance alone.

Flow of being, internal,

What Jean Paul Sartre could call:


Meanwhile some dancers, unveiled,

Keep their eyes open as

They are dancing for others

Showing the external self,


We feel the sweet melody,

Collective confidence is born

As we take turns switching from

Veiled to unveiled.

When dancing for yourself

You do little movements,

When you dance for others

You expand your body.

With the music slowly fading,

All the dancers awaken

Into a new state of awareness:


This dancing class was

A beautiful microcosm.

Could our world ever be

As wonderful as that,

Could we ever quench

All thirst for power and greed

In search, instead,

For Love, Beauty

And Truth.

Being in the world.


© September 2016 Marta Pombo Sallés

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