A Raindrop In Your Desert

I am a raindrop in your desert

In the immensity of the ocean

In this moaning world of

Either drought or flood.


We would die of thirst or drown

Long ago swept away

By deceitful waves of

The neoliberal world.


Unveiling its hidden evil

Three main weapons kill our souls:

The first is overwork

That stole our precious time

Carrying two more guns:


No time for reading and,


No pause for reflection.

Our modern slavery today.


Yet we are resilient rocks.

Awaiting Einaudi’s Divenire?

What is to become?


As I listen to the music

Carried away by the sounds

All I ask myself is:

Can we have some hope

Amid the storm and its crashing waves

On our hardened multilayered skins?


Each layer is a weapon

Against their system.

Not our system.


Layers of art and poetry lines

Our little raindrops in the desert.


I am a raindrop in your desert.

But unfortunately I cannot provide

All the rain a friend like you would need.

No rainy day friend.


If I could just make it rain

As it did yesterday in my town

After so many months of silence

I felt its sound and cadence

The humid touch on my skin.


This would be the rain

For a no rainy day friend.

Yet I am still a raindrop in your desert.


Dyed my hair red passion today

As I would just dye the wide ocean

And red would be the love we all need

Where three things must always be:


Your willpower, your talent and

The third, the most difficult

Of all the things to achieve, is

The opportunity,

Someone’s willingness, as you say

A world that mentors that love.


Click here to listen to the poem

This poem has been inspired by different things, one of them is this youtube video:


6 thoughts on “A Raindrop In Your Desert

  1. I love how you pointed out that our time is being stolen from us, our only real asset. Lately, I’ve been realizing the importance of where and who to spend my time with. We shouldn’t be so frivolous with our most valuable, and limited resource. I enjoyed this poem 😀

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