Elina Duni Quartet – Sytë

The moon (copy).png

Selina gazes up in the sky,

Eyes saddened,

Wandering across the pines

Of a little world fallen asleep.

Remembering Kyrta’s conversation:

“Acceptance of your fate

Will never come too late.”


Hear the distant echoes

Of birds still singing

Yet sunbeams have gone to sleep.

Selina is also put to bed.


She sleeps with her cat

And starts to dream

Of her love, unfulfilled desire,

Traveling through the waves of time:

The ticking clock

The bird that flies

And the girl that lies.

She lies to herself.

Repressed animal, sexual desire.


Like Elina Duni’s girl

She dreams of her cat-lover.

Flying with the bird

She ties a rope around the horn

Of that half moon.

The other half has long disappeared.

Greedy oligarchs stole it once more

From us all.


She clings onto the other half

Traveling as fast as

The train running below

Where each one of us sits,

Where we all cross the bridge.


When you’re born you get a ticket

Valid until you die.

Life’s train, don’t miss it.


Yet Selina wants to travel faster

And the moon’s horn breaks down.

She is falling rapidly

Like the girl of Sytë,

Little Red Riding Hood

Escaping from the wolf’s jaws.


But she wants him so badly

And runs naked in the wood.

She won’t lie to herself anymore

So she welcomes him with an embrace.

Red rose and desire melt:

“Come into my arms

To ease my soul.”

Watched by so many eyes.

Animal gazes. Sytë.


She awakens back in the wood

Of her little world fallen asleep.

But now something else is awake,

Not everything is lost.

A candle’s flickering light,

Selina knows what to do.


© December 2016 Marta Pombo Sallés

This poem has partly been inspired by this video:





8 thoughts on “Elina Duni Quartet – Sytë

    1. Looking at the definitions of the two words in the dictionary fate has usually a rather negative meaning. Destiny would refer more to the course of events in someone’s life whereas fate would imply an expected final outcome after a series of events. Sometimes there is a possibility for a person or a community of people to change destiny and fate in life. But on other occasions it is not possible. For example, if you are rejected by a person you love, you need to accept that fate. If you lose a family member because of an accident, an illness or natural death you also need to accept that. It cannot be changed. If you are a refugee, who happens to escape war but some of your family members and friends have been killed, you also need to accept that fate and continue living, trying to reconstruct your life by helping others, which is one of the most difficult things to do in life.

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