Worlds Of Fantasy

I am so glad to have a friend like Luisa. We imagine worlds together. Today we are on a Hawaiian island again and I ask her:
“Where’s the ship carrying our dolls to this paradise?”
“Right here. Look!” And she produces a basket where our dolls can sit comfortably and travel through the ocean of floor tiles until they reach the Hawaiian coastline, which is the stairwell of my grandparents’ house. We have turned it into the beautiful island of our dreams, especially of Luisa’s dreams as she has found a second family, my family, that allow her to flee from her sad reality.

Here we are playing together. She hasn’t told me yet, but I will soon find out that Luisa, her mother and her brother had another violent episode two days ago. Her father came home drunk again and tried to beat them. Thanks to a kind neighbor they could stay with her until Luisa’s father seemed to calm down. That is why my family is Luisa’s second family and the Hawaiian island the perfect place to be. I wish Luisa’s world could be as happy as mine and when we play together we both make it happen for hours and hours.

mar precios copy

After endless playing with our dolls, – now they are spending some days on the beautiful Hawaiian island Luisa and I have created on my grandparents’ house stairwell -, I am sitting alone in my bedroom with a large notebook where I draw and write what we have already played. That is how I usually do it. I am just a ten-year-old child who is helping a friend even though I am not yet fully aware of her sad reality. I will realise that as soon as I grow up. I will also understand that religion and faith are important anchors to Luisa. She will work as a hairdresser for some time but eventually she will find out that her true vocation is to be a nun. But before all this happens we are just two girls: My name is Kyrta and as I have already told you I am ten years old. My friend Luisa is thirteen.

Luisa and I will continue to play with our dolls on our imaginary Hawaiian island. Later I will draw and write what we will have played on my large notebook. I will produce at least two notebooks full of the adventures of those dolls, of our own adventures, and of our happiest times together. In any case, I am creating worlds of fantasy for a person who needs them so badly, a person who has taught me how to play and to use our imagination.


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