Wheels Of Change (Ode To The Bicycle)

Bicycle copy.png

In this urban jungle we move afraid,

Of capitalism one more masterpiece

Where the car has long been crowned

After it displaced all others,

The other means of transportation.


Climate change and pollution,

No matter what Donald Trump and

Many other climate change deniers say,

Make us move toward a new direction.

We move slowly approaching

That necessary transformation

To foster mobility for all

The different modes of transportation.


Bicycles are part of the solution

Where transport coexistence is most needed

On our streets and on our roads.


O car, thou shalt no longer be king

But just one more of our modes

Where space shall be returned

To the people on the streets.


With more humanized environments

Machines become second place.


We all want to breathe clean air

So let us think it to be fair

To promote more biking use.


Try a bicycle just one day

And move slowly on your ride.

Feel the rhythm and the cadence

While you’re pedaling there’s more silence

Than the buzzing of so many cars.


Breathe the air of our planet

Now that we can still enjoy it.

Do you want to keep this joy

And extend it to the others?


In the distance I see

A new dawn coming

With its sunbeams crossing

Through many spokes of wheels,

Wheels of change.


© January 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés


6 thoughts on “Wheels Of Change (Ode To The Bicycle)

  1. Simple enough, nice enough. Encouraging enough for me to take another ride. I used to be a cyclist for years, decades even before I bought my first car, at 38 in order to work as a substitute teacher. It helped but I soon learned the plusses and minuses of driving….

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