When Silent Love met with Boasting Vanity


A long time ago
I got used to living with
My open wounds,
The last withered while
I was staring at the sunset
In the middle of the fog.

Yes, you told me so many times
About your suffering,
How your heart shrunk
Fisted in bleeding red
While your eyes tasted
The salt of the ocean waves
And cristal pearls were running
Down your cheeks.

On that plane you felt
The freezing coldness
Where just one thing
Would not freeze:
The fountain of your tears.

Yes, indeed I remember
All the pain on that plane.
You sent me back to the
Land of rejection.

Yet I am a resilient rock
With my withered wounds
That I carry since ancient times
On this eroded earth.

But to exist is to resist
And so I dwell in human hearts
Who care for each other.
And may I receive your boasting waves
Crashing on my shores
Those hearts will restore me again
For I am silent love and not vain.


Click here to listen to the poem


© February 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés

6 thoughts on “When Silent Love met with Boasting Vanity

  1. A long time ago, you were able to live with open wounds. The last one withered while you were staring at the sunset in the middle of fog. This person told you many times about suffering, heart shrinking, fisted in blood, while their eyes tasted salt. On a plane this person felt cold, but their fountain of tears would not freeze. It just went on and on.

    Similarly, you felt pain on a plane after being sent back to the Land of Rejection. But, to exist is to resist, dwelling in human hearts that care for each other. And you received this person’s boasting waves that crash on your shores, but those hearts that care restore you, silently in love and not vain.

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  2. Thank you Comte Arnau. Interesting reflection. I guess you mean Abel as the son of Adam and Eve in the Bible. Well, Abel did not possibly have time to develop much boasting vanity (pardon the pleonasm) because he was soon murdered by his brother Cain. Who knows if he had lived longer, if things had happened differently in the Bible… In general, a person’s chances to become more or less vanitous depend on many things: How you are raised as a child, your family structure, etc. Vanity and narcissism have a close relationship to power abuse at all human levels. Look at Donald Trump, for instance. And what about Mariano Rajoy and others?


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