Ode to Trump’s Vanity et al


Spring anticipation in the air
Orange reddened sun
Gets ready to hide its rays
Behind the lowest of all mountains
Mirroring itself on the lake.
Vanity at its highest level.
Yet the picture turns out different
In a mixture of yellow and blue
Of greed and sadness a faithful clue.

“You’re so vain,
You probably think
This march is about
Reads the banner
At the Women’s March
January 21, 2017.

Millions came together
Across the globe
To raise their voices
Against your choices
Mr. Trump.
Your misogyny,
Your greed and your lies
Are most unwelcome
Because it is your vanity
That makes you lie.

Where’s the first media-built man
That promised jobs for the working-class
To make America First and great again
When all you bring is constant pain
Erasing truths and liberties from earth.

The second man’s now on the surface,
Two sides of the same coin,
And the reddened sun sets down
While Vanity School runs high
For Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders,
Frauke Petry, Beppe Grillo…
And the like.

Even Spain’s Rajoy’s a little Trump,
Profound ignorant and clown,
Who drains the fund backing pensions
With an air smell of corruption.

Won’t you grant us, Catalans,
Once for all that referendum
Any democratic state would offer
To a stateless people to decide:
The right to self-determination.

No, instead, you’re blurring powers
Just exactly as Donald Trump
Judicializing politics and sending
The very democrats to court
For organizing a participatory process
In Catalonia, November 9, 2014.

Vanity School expands its limits
And buys a handful Orwell’s 1984
While the sea has just began to weep:

Mare Nostrum, Mare Mortum,
In 2016 almost 5.000 people
Drowned and died
From 2000 till now 30.000 dead!

With Barcelona’s pro-refugee rally,
The largest in Europe and perhaps
In the entire world till now,
We will surely not have enough
To eradicate our human misery.

The red sun has just hidden
Behind the lowest mountain
And as darkness unfolds
The picture changes colors:
Grayish blues carrying their shadows
On a rippled lake obscured
Where birds and ducks move
Swiftly countercurrent.


© March 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés

6 thoughts on “Ode to Trump’s Vanity et al

  1. Did you get the orange reddened sun’s double meaning? Orange because of Trump and reddened because of blood? Two work colleagues told me yesterday I have written a kind of historical chronicle, rather sad and pessimistic because the sunset at the beginning and also at the end symbolizes the downfall. However, the sun sets, but rises the following day. And when it is cloudy, foggy or rainy the sun is still there; it is only that we cannot see it, like not being able to see the truth, intermingling real and fake news? Also, at the end there are birds and ducks moving countercurrent. Could this image suggest hope for a social change, salvation?


  2. Good realistic poem! I did not get the final part but when I reread it and because of your explanation I can see the image of the sun and animals starting a kind of revolution. World is upside down!

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  3. I enjoy how you effortlessly mix politics with imagery from nature. We tend to do one or the other: a political poem or a nature poem. I like how your references are very current but the start and end of the poem are about more perennial things than flighty power struggles.

    Liked by 1 person

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