I Tasted Spring

Nenufars copy

I tasted spring through my body,

closed my eyes and felt

that touch on my lips.

Memories of a dream revival

where everything felt so true:

My mouth on yours,

your delicious touch,

your willingness,

our timeless embrace

where nothing receded

in the open air,

in the magic moment

of timeless soulmates.


Time suddenly froze,

it turned into



Can you capture time?

Do you know how to freeze it?


“I can beat music”,

said Alice to the Caterpillar.


So there is time in music.

Any musical piece has indeed

frozen time forever

just as well as the other arts:

Photography, painting…

And writing…


How could I make this happen

with our delicious kiss,

the best I have ever tasted

although it was just a dream.


© April 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés


21 thoughts on “I Tasted Spring

  1. I love these two questions in your poem,

    Can you capture time?
    Do you know how to freeze it? .. I’m always intrigued by the concept of time, and your poem sings to me about spring time, so I’ll send you a spring-time song, I hope it plays for you. “You can never hold back spring” by Tom Waits

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  2. This is really good! Yes, I was not expecting this. I forgot about the freezing theme we were on and fell for the feel of the poem, trying to picture and capture what you expressed, though I can not, for I did not live this romance. Ha. Really good point. Art does freeze time. And sometimes, that frozen moment still relates, despite the “moving time” (you will get this). Tasted spring. You used all the senses in this one! 👏👏👏💥💘

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  3. By the way, for a moment I was struck by your Alice line. I have an Alice series I am thinking of since I wrote at least 2,3 poems on that. You seem to have a liking for dear Alice. It’s one of my favourite stories and archetypes.

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    1. I love Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and also the second part, Through the Looking Glass. I did notice something about Alice in your blog and will get to that soon. Have a good night. 🌒😇


      1. How nice. I should read it again. Eons since I had. Never read the second one. I have no poems here about it. Ill try and whip them up this week.

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