La Rosa (Catalan + English translation)

The Rose

CATALAN: Click here to listen to the poem


Fa prou anys que aquesta rosa

se’ns imposa i ens fa nosa,

s’acomoda i punxa roda

del procés que hem engegat.


Però el somni és més a la vora

cap enfora en aquesta hora.

Bé camina tot i espina,



Cap partit amb altra rosa

ni cap llosa d’altra cosa

ens detura, som gent dura:

el procés és realitat.


Democràcia és qui vota,

raó tota, com esgota.

La veu alça i no és falsa,

el poble manifestat.


La que vull és altra rosa

ni s’imposa ni fa nosa

amb sa flaire un altre aire:

rosa de la llibertat.



(this is just a humble attempt to translate something almost impossible)

The Rose


Enough years of this rose

that wants to impose, bothering us,

it fits well and clicks the wheel

of the process we have started.


Yet the dream is coming nearer,

walking outward at this time

even with such a rose spine, it’s become



No other party with another rose

nor any slab else will

stop us, people, we are hard:

The process is reality.


Democracy is who votes,

we’ve all reason, but ’tis exhausting

the voice rising, not being false,

the people demonstrating.


What I want is another rose

that doesn’t bother or impose,

with its scent a new air:

Rose of freedom.


© May 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés

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