The Teacher Meetings in My Moments

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Classes have just finished. After this meeting we will all return to our homes. Another long day’s work. Now I think I would go to the Moments café-restaurant which, by the way, is called as my blog here. Wouldn’t it be great to honor this place as there is such a connection? However this will have to wait for a while. The tutor is about to tell us something. Wait, let’s listen to him. He says one of his students is diabetic. The mother told him: “My daughter needs sugar. She should drink juice, lots and lots of juice.” And so that is what the tutor does – apart from teaching and caring for the whole class – he has to make sure that the girl always carries her juice to high school. But, no, she keeps on forgetting it every day, so the tutor keeps on going to the school’s cafeteria to buy juices and more juices. Well, all this happened – or, at least, that is what the tutor told us during the last teacher meeting: “I don’t know how much of my wages I must have spent until now with this vast amount of juices.”

Now we have a new meeting where the tutor talks about another student and he says: “I know his father very well. I see him twice a week.” Wow, that is a lot. This is a real father committed to his son’s education and you are such a committed professional (this comment has just been uttered by another teacher at the meeting and everybody seems to agree with it). Now the tutor speaks: “No, no, I see his father on the bus every time I travel home. He’s the bus driver.”

Finally my mind goes back to another meeting: A vocational training tutor is in charge of the evaluation meeting. He tries to highlight a few problems concerning the functioning of the last exams and the marks. It is so damn hot today. Seven teachers sitting in a classroom with a temperature that exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. I feel like steam is coming out of our heads. I wonder what the union would say. I think one of our colleagues reported the extreme temperatures. Is it legal for teachers to work under such conditions? But what about road builders, touristic guides and other jobs where people mostly work outside? Our school cannot afford air conditioning for a few hot days – well, this heat wave started almost a month ago. And thinking about any outdoor job, especially those that include more physical effort: How can you possibly install air conditioning on the street?

A man enters the room. He belongs to the repair unit of our high school. It seems the English teacher’s car is in the middle of the way so the teacher leaves the room to move the car, but she forgets the keys and has to come back for them. The meeting continues and also the confusion with the dates of the exams, the so called ordinary and extraordinary exam calls. Also, the seven teachers do not know for sure where to put the final mark on the computer program as there is more than one space left. Meanwhile the heat is combing the classroom where just a humble ventilator tries to bring a bit of fresh air. I feel so hot, so I take one of my colleague’s fan and use it with such an incredible style that the other colleague sitting on my left says: “Your art is a Faraona’s.”, which means I have the same wonderful fanning style than the greatest of Spain’s Flamenco dancers. The difference is that I pay my taxes and she did not. I think I will go to the Moments café-restaurant after this meeting.


© October 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés

4 thoughts on “The Teacher Meetings in My Moments

  1. That teacher should’ve gone to the principal or site administrator about the diabetic student and his parents’ negligence in providing what he needs. You have an admirable perspective on your work. Thank you for the kind words under my post and the support.

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  2. We live in Catalunya – on the French side of the Pyrenees – so it is great to hear a voice from so close. Enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more. We have visited Barca a few times and love it, the contemporary art museum, the grand market, etc. but we know Dali country better, emputies, the emporda, cadaques, gerona, figueres. kind and generous people – and strong.

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