Suite Of The Unwonted

Two ducks swimming on lake copy.png

Nocturnality has overtaken
this small spot on Earth
where a Prince of Darkness,
a most ridiculous Harlequin,
imposes the rule of force:
Article 155 of Spain’s Constitution.
Demolition of civil rights,
institutions and freedom of speech
otherwise respected in a democracy
but, alas, this is not a real one.
Did you know that?

Suite of the Unwonted
untrodden territory
for Catalonia’s future
with ten political prisoners.

Two of them jailed for carrying out peaceably
the will of many people
as the two representatives
of the pro-independence movement.
The other eight imprisoned
are members of Catalonia’s
democratically elected parliament.
The other half of this government
plus its president Puigdemont
exiled in Belgium.

This happens in Europe, 21 century.
Could you ever imagine that?

But to draw is to dream
as painter Joan Ponç once said.

And we’re all artists
narrators of dreams
for a better future.

We shall free our political prisoners.
Yes, Amnesty International,
these ten people match this category:
Political prisoners in 21 century Europe.
How dare you refuse to help?

For many the bird’s no longer in the cage
while for some the cage is inside the bird,
that creature who is afraid
of the peaceful fight for freedom,
the one unable to remove
the blindfold covering the eyes
that refuse to see the real truth,
not the one the Prince of Darkness
wants us all to swallow
through the depths of a shadowed theater.


© November 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés

3 thoughts on “Suite Of The Unwonted

  1. That last stanza is a deep and from the heart. We’ve lived in Northern Catalonia for many years, so we know the basics, and they are real. Have you looked at the posts on an old Catalan guidebook that we did a while back? Here’s a link to it.
    And a poem inspired by it (and our years here on the border)
    We’re working on another post for today that deals with these issues.
    When we lived in Le Boulou, we learned about the tradition of les Trabucaieres (hope I got the spelling right), the smugglers who were a constant thorn in the side of both the Spanish government ruling Catalunya and the French government ruling Catalunya du Nord, both for their smuggling and anti-Madrid & anti-Paris activities. We also got to know some survivors of the Retirada in Argelès. Catalunya should be free!

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      1. thank you! and thanks for looking at the Costa Brava stuff. I’m glad I didn’t stray too far from the mark. Years ago we visited Empuries in the off season, stayed at a funky old beach hotel . . . near the naturist beach (which we only discovered by accident!) and could walk to the ruined city.

        Liked by 1 person

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