Com gat i gos (Catalan + English translation)

Com gat i gos

This is a poem in Catalan.
Click here to listen.
This is the text:

Com gat i gos ara ens enfadem,
però com got i gas ens estimem
car l’un fa cas de qui dóna gas
i recull en un got el que pot.
És l’energia i la follia,
pura vitalitat, la veritat.
El del got és tranquil i civil
però el del gas, renoi com t’ho faràs?
Posa’l quiet i al mateix temps distret.
El del got se’n surt, no pas absurd,
car té una ment prou intel.ligent.
Així som tu i jo, força major,
parella original que bé s’ho val.



Like cat and dog

Like cat and dog now we get mad,
but like glass and gas we love each other
since one follows the other who gives gas
and collects in a glass what she-he can.
It’s energy and madness,
pure vitality, the truth.
The one with the glass is calm and civil
But the gas, how could you deal with that?
Put him-her quiet and at the same time distracted.
The glass comes out, not absurd,
because she-he has a smart mind.
That’s how you and I, force majeure,
make an original couple which is worth a try.


© November 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés

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