Kind im Wind (German + English translation)



You can listen to the poem here:

Ich bin ein Kind im Wind,
ein Stern, nun mal so fern,
oft ganz mild aber auch wild.
Sag mir mal, mein Schicksal?

Ich will fliegen, nicht nur liegen.
will Fantasie zu Poesie.

Sagst du jetzt zu dieser Erde,
was ich nun mal wieder werde?

So wie jetzt die Dinge sind,
bin ich ewig Kind im Wind.


English translation: Child in the wind

I am a child in the wind,
a star, so far away,
often very mild but also wild.
Tell me, my fate?

I want to fly, not just lie.
I want fantasy to poetry.

What do you tell this earth now
about what I will become again?

As things are now,
I am forever a child in the wind.


© December 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés

14 thoughts on “Kind im Wind (German + English translation)

  1. loved this . . . great to recall my college German before reading the translation — and surprised myself at how close I came! I wish I was still proficient enough to write a suitable reply in German Anyway, a beautiful thought. (dig your links list BTW and am preparing ours as we speak!)


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