Never Again A Would-be Stalker

Kind im Wind

“I want a romantic nonexistent hero”, wrote poet Sylvia Plath in her journal. As soon as Selina read this she felt it spoke to her. Yes, she projected this idea of a romantic hero onto Ian and became incessant (indesinenter in ancient Latin). She almost began to stalk him somehow. No, she does not like this. She has hurt him and he has hurt her. Unwantedly. But her little wounds are now healed. She has finally learnt her lesson. He has taught her. She will never be incessant again or even try to stalk him or any one else. No, she does not want to take the air he needs to breathe. Selina needs this air too. We all need this space in life, we all need to treasure the limited freedom we have as human beings; some of us are a bit freer, others unfortunately not.

Now Selina values who Ian really is: A distant friend, as he lives geographically far from her – a flight to India is to travel to the other side of the globe. Ian simply happens to be an interesting artist/writer. She truly likes his work, especially his writing, and so she will continue to promote it from time to time. Selina likes to do that and believes Ian deserves it. Besides, that is the least a friend can do for another. If she were in his situation she would appreciate to have a friend supporting her this way. After all friendship means people helping each other in good and bad times. We do not choose family or bosses or work colleagues in life but, luckily, we can choose our friends and Ian can be sure to be among Selina’s. Thank you again for being in the world, Ian. And you, Selina, look at the sun that hides behind the tree and soon kisses you goodbye. You are put to bed now and dream, dream beautiful things in your little world, just like the girl of Sytë.


© February 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

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