My Best Literary Review


Dear bloggers,

The following paper has been so far my best literary review. It is not so important for me, but for Mario Savioni, the author whose literary work I have reviewed. He is a friend, a good person, an awesome artist-writer who I think deserves much more recognition. I would be immensely happy if you could read this review and, if you like it, reblog it somehow, make it known to the people who inhabit the realm of and to many others. I do not need special recognition, but Mario Savioni really does.

This is the link to my paper:


© April 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

12 thoughts on “My Best Literary Review

  1. Hello

    I’ve just read your review, and I find it quite interesting.

    The excerpts from Mario Savioni’s poems in the review look quite good. I think I’ll try to get some of his works and read them myself.

    As for the review, I have a few things to say.

    First, I appreciate the reflection upon themes that concern us as individuals and as a race (the human race). I don’t exactly agree with some of the ideas expressed in the review, but on the whole, I like it anyway; it’s well written, and it’s just the sort of reflective piece I enjoy reading.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Bonjour! So nice to meet you and peruse your friend’s literary review…so thoughtfully laid out, and thank you for visiting my blog, I agree, beauty is all encompassing as I select all my art pieces to reflect my thoughts.
    Let’s exchange ideas as we blog, yes?

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  3. Good in depth analysis.

    As I have confessed earlier that critiquing is not my strength, it was difficult for me to go through your paper analysing the works of an author that I have not read. The insertion of the poems of Mario Savioni’s poem was of great help in understanding and appreciating your analysis of the author’s collected works.

    On another note, and again it is my personal perspective, world economic system for much of recorded history has followed a capitalistic system, albeit with different names at different times in history. There is a continuous chain of authors depicting abuse of common man by the system prevalent at that particular time. In that sense Mario is a link on that continuous chain of recorded history in his own unique way.

    Regarding America at present, again not much different than Spain, Britain and other colonial powers at different times of history. One day that also will pass and some other nation will take its place.

    I am not a Christian and so I may not be the right person to critique your analysis about the state of “puritanism” you perceive. I am not saying it is false but again this is nothing but a continuum from the days of inquisition in a different form.

    Nothing under the sun seems to be new but each one of us have our own unique way of perception and uniqueness in presenting our perception. In that sense you succeeded well in bringing your perception to your readers about the writing of Mario.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thorough comment which means a lot to me in trying to help Mario Savioni get new potential readers. I like that you said “Good in depth analysis” and also “you succeeded well in bringing your perception to your readers about the writing of Mario.” I only hope my work serves to that purpose. Thank you again.


  4. Oh Marta,

    First, can you be my mentor? I want to write as beautifully as you do. As I read through the review, I couldn’t ignore the careful and beautiful way you compartmentalized your work.
    Right now, it’s as if I have read all of Mario Savioni’s books. It’s quite saddening that he isn’t a renowned author already.

    Ok now, on his literary works, I think they are eccentric. They seem to challenge the current order; of religion, love, politics and even humanity.
    I get easily attracted to radicalism, and that’s replete in his works. I must say, I love all his themes, from the critiques of capitalism to the over flogging and undermining the idea of love and the lot he said about gender interplay.
    But as I have always criticized myself, I will criticize his themes (not the work, the work is perfect. He writes amazingly well. And oh, the poems!!! I love them); it is very easy to be a radical, to criticize society. But when we sit down and have a deep reflection, it will reveal that we are very much part of the problems. The society does not arise out of a vacuum, there aren’t some monsters (to borrow your word, Marta) trying to deliberately subdue others. At the end of the day there is this means-end dialectic and certain things are unavoidable (radical too, I know).
    Enough of being philosophical, I’ve to reiterate this, his works are amazing and I vouch they are going to be unputdownable.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much for all the thoughtful comments. I have to send this to Mario. He will love your words! By the way, you do not need me to write beautifully because you already do. But of course I will continue to read your work.

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