Power Abuse

Two swans

Power abuse
The core of misery,
Eternal damnation
For humankind.
You and I,
And many more,
Will spend our lives
Out of the eggshells
Trying to save ourselves
From those in the dark.
We’ll swim like swans
Across the lake,
But we’ll have to face
What dwells


© May 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés



17 thoughts on “Power Abuse

    1. I think we can only make people around us and, in general, society, be more aware that desire of power abuse is something human. Very often the abused abuse others. It already starts in the family when a member abuses the other, with bullying in schools, mobbing at work, with authoritarian behaviors in human gatherings, sport, politics, etc… First we need to detect those unacceptable behaviors ASAP and then find remedies.

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    1. I am glad you perceive it this way as I do not like shallowness. Besides, power abuse is perhaps one of the subjects that interests me most in life because I believe it is the main source of humanity’s problems.

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  1. The ones abusing power must come to an understanding that they are an oppressor. Like you said, we need to be aware. Great poem!

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