The Autumns Of Our Lives

Fall landscape

The autumns of our lives
Unfold in harsh winters
Still nature turns the page
In the book of seasons
That trembles now and then
With echoes of climate change.

A new spring reminds us
There’s hope to carry on.
Past glories and stories
Can never be erased.
Once the seeds are planted
Smiles begin to flourish.

One autumn father died,
Another we voted.
What seemed impossible
Under such repression
Became a hero’s act
For our democracy.

Wishes held in fingers
Jolly voices strangled
By repressive police.
Our hearts froze with fear.
Yet we’re no criminals,
We just wanted to vote.

That autumn was half-won
With promise unfulfilled.
All masks were now fallen
And everything had changed.
In most uncertainty
Untrodden way to go.

Monster decay with clay
Planted so many fears.
Imprisonments began
Freedom of speech attacked
Democracy at stake
Our claim remains awake.

That was just one more fall
In the book of seasons
Where revolutions find
Their own written pages.
Ours will have its place
Within nonviolent fight.


© May 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

25 thoughts on “The Autumns Of Our Lives

  1. The cost of a vote
    Is at minimum time from a life;
    At maximum, that life itself,
    But the cost of not voting
    Is a soul.

    Protest without violence
    Your unworthy opponents
    And you vote with your soul
    And gain a worthy salvation.
    You vote for a life worth living.

    Marta, I am so glad to know you exist. Thank you so much for making your existence known to me.

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    1. Thank you for such a beautiful response, Gary. I too am so glad to have met you in the realm of Love this after poem of yours. You should also post it on your blog. 😊


  2. Recently, I have been approached by a news blog called Flyhiee to publish my poems. I have accepted. They are looking for writers willing to let publish their poems to furnish their poetry section. Please consider and if you ahev any doubts, please e-mail them at Let me know your answer.
    Foolchund Saahil.

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    1. Dear Shaan, thank you for liking and following my blog. I also like yours as I appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm for poetry. Nevertheless I beg you: Please, STOP CALLING ME TEACHER because I am not!! I am just one more blogger of I already told you if you want a teacher to help you with English and to write poems you need to look for someone who lives in your area. I am sure you can find this person. Please, reconsider this.

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