That Burden On My Back

That Burden On My Back

I sense a permanent ache
Where I would have let
My Isis wings grow,
Where every one of us
Should be given this gift.

Yet only angels got wings
Or those birds passing by.
You’re born without but
Have some freedom
If you belong to the luckiest
In this beautiful but suffering Earth.

And one day for a given reason
That freedom starts to shiver
Of heaven you just see a sliver.
No spring, no almond trees in blossom,
No laughs, no warm embraces,
The same sadness on other faces.

I try to look somewhere else,
Immersed in the greenness of nature
Of a park nearby, where two swans
Cross silently, magestically,
The peaceful waters of the lake.

I look high up in the sky
Wonder if freedom has been jailed,
But as Georg Danzer sings
Freedom’s no animal to imprison
And that’s the most important reason
To keep us all alive with hope.

That burden on my back
Will one day disappear,
And if we’re born without wings
There are other ways to fly:
Wings of poetry, layers of art
That come straight from our heart.


© May 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés


This poem has been inspired by an article entitled “És aquest pes” published in the Ara newspaper by Catalan writer and journalist Sílvia Soler i  Guasch:

26 thoughts on “That Burden On My Back

  1. Freedom is not to be imprisoned is right. When as you have so eloquently wrote we can find other things to turn to. Loved the words of your poem. You are talented and hope you never stop looking for that freedom through words !!

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      1. You are welcome the follow allowed me to read your amazing thoughts. I thank you for the follow also. I hope you enjoy my blogs. There are many that are true and much more just plain fiction.

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  2. Burden is always there and increasing.
    Hope is one that lessens it.
    You have balanced the thoughts here.
    You talk of the Wings and Angels which made me remember my two poems.
    If you have the time do read

    “Distant Heart”
    This was reblogged by five bloggers and its one of my favorite.
    !Oh! My Angel Manifest”


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    1. Thank you so much, Cate. I do really appreciate your encouraging words and everybody’s. You are all very supportive. The truth is I never imagined I would be writing poetry attempts one day and end up posting all this. Thank you again. 😊


    1. I meant I misspelled your name, Shantanu, but now I have corrected this. Thanks again and thank you everyone for all the attention I am getting through this blog. Love you all! 😍


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