Non-Violence Succeeds

I heard this lady
called Erica Chenoweth
talked at TEDxBoulder

eloquence of speech
displays most brilliant research
non-violence succeeds

only five per cent
can change a situation
ever thought of that?

she even ventures
a much smaller percentage
let’s listen to her

please watch the video
from minute 3:25
to 6:25

with minimum watch
a feel of all words contained
you’ll even see more

flower of sunshine
giver of hope to our hearts
non-violence succeeds!

14 thoughts on “Non-Violence Succeeds

  1. Thank you for this. I don’t know how did you feel, but I felt a strong urge inside. Some sort if revolutionary satisfaction of observing that the world seems to be going in a more organised and empathic way. It seems others are opening to new perspectives in regards to insurgence. I like the data she exposes.

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