Dance Of Hope

Wrapped in orange dress
of hope is the dance.
Fluttering veil seals
renewed serene bliss.

Fans turn in the air
tasting this new flair
of hope tied in rope,
invisible thread
that beats with the heart.

Bathing in moonlight
of newly found joy
I danced my hope with
a fluttering veil
and turned my fans in
the winds of a change.


© June 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

46 thoughts on “Dance Of Hope

  1. I see now. Subscribed! I was stunted by the round circles and the shapes and the veil and then… Suddenly, you flash out two fans (dunno how to call it)! Fantastic!!! Well done. You are very good at belly dancing.

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  2. I only read your words now. They go along nicely with the video. I love modern poetry. That where we write, picture or video and share not only moments but thoughts and insights!! Dance for hope, I vouch for that!

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    1. Thank you for such lovely poetic response,
      David, let us keep the flame of freedom
      alive and beating high up in our hearts.
      Unbolt the forgotten windows inside us
      and crack them into thousand pieces
      if they refuse to be unbolted and opened.
      As we’ll pass the torch to one another
      in our olympic race towards a better world
      we will all open new landscapes of hope.

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