I Danced The Night Ferociously

I danced the night ferociously
before I couldn’t learn to walk.
I heard all winds wanting to talk
but ignored them atrociously.

I cut them all with fearful sword
and showed my ridiculous mask
which was for me an easy task
blind as I was dancing aboard

a ship of horror to instill
my ugly laugh on anyone
who thought my doings were ill-done.
I laughed with my most perverse will

unaware of the coming change
that would lead to a transformation
to be expressed with great devotion
displaying a wonderful range

of what I could never suspect
but just love showing its beauty
colors dancing with their duty
to the rhythm of new effect

And so was the dance:


© June 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés




48 thoughts on “I Danced The Night Ferociously

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. In bellydance yes, but in writing poems I am not really trained. I just love reading different genres and have a degree in English and German Language and Literature. I teach these two languages in a high school very close to Barcelona.


      1. Thank you again, Bill. Wow, that is really flattering and so highly encouraging. I love your poems too as you see. Just keep writing and sharing them. Have a lovely day! 🌈☀️😊


      1. Thank you again. That is really very encouraging. We all have our dreams and passions. I love dancing, poetry and so many more things that foster creativity. I am one of those people who are in constant need of creating. 🌈☀️🌿😊

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