Circle Of Light In The Darkness

One day darkness invaded her wood
more somber than anyone thought
as it all unfolds unexpectedly
when a beloved leaves too soon.

She grieved the loss a whole afternoon,
produced a dance of orphanhood.
That dance with a circle of light
was the world spinning in motion.
Remembered Heidegger’s words:
We are thrown into this world.

She sparkled light in the darkness
unveiling herself, accepting the loss,
and helped the beloved person move across
the threshold towards the other world.

And so was the dance:


© July 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés


37 thoughts on “Circle Of Light In The Darkness

    1. I loved your post. Thank you for your praise. That is very flattering and you are very kind but I am not a great writer. All this is just amateur and, above all, passion and therapy for the soul. And if you all like my posts, well, it is nice to share what each person offers. 😊

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  1. You nailed it once more. The poetry which accompanies and music go hand in hand. I am really impressed once again. The melancholic atmosphere you create in your dance beautifully join the poetic mood.

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  2. You and the music are one and beautiful to watch. My own mother, while she lived, enjoyed dancing (not this type, of course) but she loved music and dance. The praise others have written here is well deserved. 😉

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  3. Another beautiful poem Marta. How old was he when he died.
    When my father died I wrote a piece and shared on email – maybe I will dig it out one of these days

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