Fountain On Life’s Road (English + Catalan versions)

Fountain On Life's Road


We all hit a road, some perhaps the less traveled
as Robert Frost says when he compares life choices:
What would have happened if, or what is now to come.
Which one we hit is always hard, rocky, sandy,
climbing in overwhelming heat or in freezing coldness.
Yet we keep walking, falling down but standing up again
as individuals and as collective fighting for our identity
we need to protect against those giants that abuse us.
Sometimes the road becomes unwalkable, full of rocks,
fallen trees, white sheets over those who’ve passed away
where we might stop for a while, but we soon keep going
looking in the distance over the mirrors of time
knowing Ithaca’s journey is hard but worth trying.
Silver reflections, mermaid chants speaking of fake paradises
we should have overheard but, instead, got us trapped too long
in their giant paws, wanting to eat us with their jaws
like a myriad of flies trapped in a spider’s web.
But we keep walking and it is in these moments when
exhaustion and thirst overcome us, we would almost give up
if it weren’t for something magic shining in the distance,
a fountain, whose waters are there for us to drink and
to help us endure the rest of our long journey.
And fountains are many, a helping hand we must take.
A fountain is that good friend who listens to you, understands,
and that professional, doctor, teacher, psychologist, someone who knows.
And I thank you all for giving me that precious water
on the long road ahead, on the way to the mountain top,
on the trail that liberates from enslavement and brings us freedom.


CATALÀ: Font en el camí de la vida

Tots agafem un camí, alguns potser el menys transitat
tal i com en Robert Frost diu quan compara decisions en la vida:
Què hauria passat si…, o què s’esdenvidrà ara…
El camí que triem és sempre dur, pedregós, ple de sorra,
pujant amb una calor aclaparadora o un fred gelador.
Però seguim caminant, caient i aixecant-nos de nou
com a individus i com a col.lectiu lluitant per la nostra identitat
que hem de protegir contra aquells gegants que abusen de nosaltres.
A voltes el camí esdevé intravessable, ple de roques,
arbres caiguts, llençols blancs damunt dels qui han mort,
on ens aturem uns instants per tornar a caminar altra vegada
mirant en la llunyania per damunt dels miralls del temps,
conscients que el viatge d’Itaca és dur però que val la pena.
Reflexos platejats, cants de sirena parlant de paradisos inexistents
que hauríem d’haver ignorat però que ens atraparen fa massa temps
amb les seves urpes, volent-nos menjar amb mandíbules ingents
com milers de mosques atrapades en una aranyesca teranyina.
Però seguim caminant i és en aquests moments quan
el cansament i la set s’apoderen de nosaltres, gairebé ho deixaríem tot
si no fos per quelcom màgic brillant en la llunyania,
una font amb les seves aigües per a poder beure i
ajudar-nos a resistir la resta del nostre llarg viatge.
I de fonts n’hi ha moltes, una mà estesa que hem d’agafar.
Una font és aquell amic que t’escolta, et comprèn,
I aquell professional, metge, professor, psicòleg, algú que en sap.
I vull agrair-vos a tots per haver-me fet beure la vostra aigua preciosa
en el llarg camí cap endavant, en el camí cap al cim de la muntanya,
en el camí que allibera de l’esclavatge i ens du la llibertat.


© July 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

29 thoughts on “Fountain On Life’s Road (English + Catalan versions)

  1. So beautifully worded! I especially love your last line
    “And I thank you all for giving me that precious water
    on the long road ahead, on the way to the mountain top,
    on the trail that liberates from enslavement and brings us freedom.”
    A delightful way to begin the day!! 🙂

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  2. In spite of all the hurdles in life, we still call it to be a fountain. Fountain that overwhelms with joy in life…😃
    Wonderful Prosetry Marta.
    I think you know of the word Prosetry on my Blog.
    If you have not read, see the Menu – Prosetry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. You are very kind. By the way, my newest post is a review I wrote about a friend of mine’s book. My intention is to get him a few more readers as this friend has helped me so much. I think he is a very good writer who deserves more recognition (probably like you all). Perhaps you could check out this post? It means a lot to me, much more than all my humble writing attempts.
      Here is the link:


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