A Review Of This Way To The End – A Book By Mario Savioni

this way to the end

I loved reading this book. I just find it fascinating, feel wrapped up in it, think, feel and taste every poem and short story which I see as being mainly about the individual’s eternal search for truth and beauty. I think this would be the central topic of the book as we start to read each and every poem and short story. We see how this search is very difficult in a world full of greed, wars and where love relationships do not last. As readers we are made aware that this happens because such relationships are usually based on the needs our capitalist system has created as opposed to animals’ nature, for instance, the way a family of chirping birds acts, the bird mother protecting the little birds and doing this simply out of sacrifice. The images of the chirping birds appear on several occasions as an ideal to attain which seems not to be possible in human life. That is not how love relationships work nor how an elderly mother ends her last living days, nor how one gender abuses the other, nor how a few very rich people rule the world and allow the rest to suffer from poverty and modern enslavement in a dehumanized society where Alfa people, such as Aldous Huxley showed in his novel Brave New World, are the only rulers. Truth and beauty are seen in poetry and in art like paintings. Many poems are beautifully written as the reader feels like being in front of the painting itself, everything makes us aware of the real truth of a dehumanized society in decline. I think the author wants us readers to react in front of that. He wants us all to be truth and beauty seekers. This is a powerful message of hope as expressed here:

“We have dreams,
Like a painting,
We are majestic,
Always unique, if careful”


This is the link to the book if you want to buy it:


And this is Mario Savioni’s blog:



© July 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

65 thoughts on “A Review Of This Way To The End – A Book By Mario Savioni

    1. Thank so much. You are very kind and encouraging. As I said I see some connection, well, just a few similarities between Mario’s work and yours as far as the theme of love, lust, infatuation, especially unrequited love.


  1. What a wonderful review! I love your writing and your reviews are superb! It makes me want to buy the book! I went and checked out Mario’s blog and he is an excellent writer as well! Very well as always.

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    1. Thank you so much, Stella. So glad you have liked my review. Mario, like you, is a very good writer. Wish I could write like both of you and like some other very talented poets I have met in the realm of wordpress.com.

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      1. Thank you. You make me blush, to even be called a writer is a high compliment. I never thought of myself like that. I just spill emotion. Lol But you are a great writer! Like a for real one! 🙂

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      2. OK, I believe everyone has the potential of writing, but to be a real good writer is very difficult. I like that you say you spill emotion when you write. It is about that and exactly the same happens to me and, I guess, to any person who feels the need to write.

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      1. Hmmmm… how about those group posting sites? I’ve seen 3-4 and as I recall, they weren’t strictly limited to publishing prose. Names escape me at the moment but I might be able to sort something out this weekend. Would that help?

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  2. Yours is an excellent review!! The review itself looks like a poem in that it concisely reflects the essence of the poetry and short story collection, which is an “individual’s search for eternal truth and beauty”.
    The review begins identifying the above as the central thought of the collection, elaborates it with evidence and ends emphasizing how the writer wants us: the readers, to be ‘truth and beauty’ seekers. Sure, I would read him hereafter and also want to buy his poetry and short story collection. 😊

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    1. Thank you so much, Newton. I am truly flattered by your words. What lovely praise! So glad you have liked my review that much, but that you mention you would read Mario Savioni’s book is what really fills my heart with joy. Do you know where else I could publish my review?

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      1. I was thinking and looking for how I could help finding where-else you could publish your review. One way is to reblog your review in our blogs. If you allow me, I could reblog it in mine, though I have a very few followers.

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      1. Dear Ravindra, I understand how important a review is to you, but at the moment I cannot do this to everyone of my followers. Besides, I tried to post a review I wrote last year on amazon and they did not let me. It seems I have to spend a minimum of 50 euros purchasing. I do not want to promise what I cannot fullfil. However, I am fond of your poetry and what I will surely do is keep following you and giving you some feedback from time to time. I hope you understand my reasons.

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      2. Yeah! Truly appreciated dear…cheers!!! Thanks again for letting me know about condition for feedback, if any of your friends done 50 euro purchase tell them to review…highly obliged,cheers!💐💐💐

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  3. I have read your review and it led me to the author’s website. I think he has a good conversational writing style, but perhaps could direct it outward rather than inward to greater effect.

    Your review was easy and pleasurable to read, but left me wishing there was more to sink my thoughts into. Perhaps if you got permission to reproduce one of Mr. Savioni’s longer poems, with your analysis and evaluation to accompany it, would help me understand better why you admire his poetry.

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    1. Thank you, Gary. I wrote a 19-page paper on his literary work. Everybody who has read it says it is easy and very clear to read. I think that will help you understand better why I love Mario Savioni’s writing: https://momentsbloc.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/on-mario-savionis-lit-work.pdf
      Also, I reviewed one of my favorite poems by Mario Savioni called “The Sea Is Watching” included in his book After. You will find the review of the book on his blog and the first comment below is my review of that poem. The problem is that Mario has not posted this poem on his blog. To send it to you I would have to ask for his permission. Meanwhile, you can have a look at this: https://savioni.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/review-of-the-book-after/

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  4. Marta, I really like your review. You talk about the theme and connect the dots of the short stories and poems to one other. The way you present it, makes me curious and interested in reading. Well done. I know who to ask for a review, if I ever publish one. 🙂 I really like your interpretation of chirping birds. i will never hear them, the same.

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    1. Thank you, Luiza. I am glad you say that I connect the dots and also that my review makes you feel and interested in the reading. That was exactly my idea when I wrote it. The chirping birds is not just my interpretation. They are one element in Mario Savioni’s work. Thank you again!

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  5. Marta your review is like a foreword to the book.
    In few lines you have captured the essence.
    I can say it is one of the best reviews I have read.
    You can as well publish the review in local and national News Papers.
    Happy Mario Savioni.
    Some day I shall but it.
    Fond Regards

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    1. Thank you again, Shiva. Wow, your words are truly encouraging. Mario Savioni will be very happy about this. I have seen you also follow his blog. He is a very good artist-writer and also a very good friend of mine. He recently visited Barcelona where I live. You say I could publish this review in local and national newspapers, but I do not know where or how. Could you help me, please? Mario would be delighted to see my review published somewhere else.

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      1. Marta in regard to the publishing of the review in News Papers you can contact locally to the editors of those papers.
        Some papers give a list of New Arrived books and they give a review of the particular book during well ends. Please try, see and approach them personally and by correspondence. I think that should be okay.
        See if you can also tell about it in Face Book if you have a following. I am not a FB wizard.
        Give my regards to Mario.
        Fondest Regards & Best Wishes

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  6. An honest review with a flow of words like in a poem. Review brings out the love and passion the reviewer has for the book and the connection to the author. The snippet of poem included in the review opens an window to the author’s heart. A review well done.

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