A Review of Blue Emptiness – A Book by Mario Savioni

Blue Emptiness

I enjoyed reading this book for its beautiful, elaborate and cultivated prose poetry. I love the musicality of the words, especially in the inserted poems. The whole book is full of wonderful metaphors and images about many aspects of life and human existence, full of philosophical thought as well. I would say the main topic is the artist’s life journey and his difficulty to be understood by a too materialistic society where people value you for what you have and not for who you are.

This artist, whether a writer, photographer or musician, experiences the difficulty of being understood by the different women that appear in his search for love. How can he make it all compatible? Do the others really understand him? Are they prepared to accept him the way he is? To share a life with him? All he wants is “the complete freedom to express what he is feeling, not politeness.” And he obviously writes about himself. Why shouldn’t he? Our perception of reality is always subjective.

In this book there are also many lines about nature, full of water, mostly associated with emotions. It is all very lyrical, deep in thoughts and feelings. It touched both my mind and my heart. Besides I could find many things to idenfify myself with like the search for our individual identity which can often lead to a conflict in relationship with the collective we belong to, also in search for a community identity.

The butterflies metaphor is very nice in the book:

“He feels joy and inspiration
It represents transformation.
He can see butterfly wings in a clamorous fight”…

but “nothing seems to be breaking”. He sees many of them and “it seems like an animal is struggling to be free, but no one is hurt.”

To me all of this suggests the idea of peaceful change (inspiration is transformation) without breaking the world into pieces, which would be the case of any non-violent peaceful collective movement or revolution in our world. What is the purpose of life? I think this butterflies metaphor applies to the artist as an individual but also to the collective.

This is the link to the book if you want to buy it:


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© September 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

12 thoughts on “A Review of Blue Emptiness – A Book by Mario Savioni

  1. “Our perception of reality is always subjective.” – well said.
    Personally I won’t blame all people from judging others for what we have than who we are. It takes time to know one but what one has can be seen rather instantaneously. How much time we have to invest in knowing someone? Better not to judge.


    1. Thank you so much, Donald. I am glad you have enjoyed this review. Also, I like that you find it deep and even poetic. I love all books written by Mario Savioni precisely because they are beautifully written, deep and poetic.

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