Two ducks swimming on lake copy

With ebbs and flows
like sea and lake waters
the ground was trembling,
magnificent earthquake
confidence was at stake.
Wanted to do your best
so never felt at rest
you are too self-demanding
so confidence faded.
Too much self-exigency
leave me please, let me be
tell it now.
That parent, sister, brother,
that relative of yours
or that good friend or lover
if not, the teacher you had
someone said: great, keep up
or someone said, instead,
I think you have no talent
you will not earn a living
you are now wasting your time.
Your confidence fluctuating.
Ghosts of self-exigency
ghosts of negative people
let them vanish.
Hateful comparisons,
like storms amid the sea
till everything seems awash,
like strong winds on Earth
till each house looks swept,
mercilessly taken.
What light dwells in your soul
what thoughts in your mind
this is not to be disregarded,
disrespected or dismissed.
From your uniqueness, your creation
comes as a true revelation.
Let the ghosts of comparison
fade away from the sea
from the land you inhabit.
As the sun shines on you
so will confidence.


© October 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

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53 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. I really enjoyed the pace, beat, and rhythm of this poem. You did a great job making the poem sound / feel in pace as the subject dictates that it should feel. That’s why I put a link to it on my site. Good job.

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  2. The words hit the deepest in my, in my heart and you touch my spirit and soul. I can feel it as rhythm in my heart, because I can recognize a little bit in your words how I feel now…
    You put so many beatyful words on it, and I just love it. Thank you so much for showing me this poem, I’m very gratefull🦋I hope writing was therapeutic for you and you feel much better now, and it still is. It is helping me a lot. Thank you for your wise words.
    Love from Norway -Orkidedatter-

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  3. Thank you Marta, everything you’ve said is true. And being an ANXIETY EMPATH is CONFIDENCE Draining, even without personal put-downs. Some situations & Intrinsic associated feelings are too unbearable to control.
    My SOUL is surfacing and the PANIC it feels means it’s of no help to me at all.

    Lots of Love for understanding
    It’s just as well I/we have a STRONG SPIRIT
    Sibyl X

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    1. You are welcome very kindly, Sibyl. I understand your problems. At the same time I do admire you for your poetic talent. Keep creating such beautiful pieces and stay strong!
      Lots of Love to you! 💞

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  4. This poem is so relatable for me, Marta. When you speak of the ghosts of those negative people and how their words seem to linger around and torment us… I can identify with that greatly because though some negative things may have been said years and years ago, the effects of those words still show themselves in those inner scars. We never really forget those things, but each day we can strive to overcome those hurtful words that were said to us to minimize our confidence. I really love the power and encouragement that flows in this poem, my friend. So happy you shared this with me, because it is something I can truly benefit from.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, Manessah. So glad you say power and encouragement flows from my poem. Indeed, we never fully get rid of those ghosts in our inner scars. I am happy to hear you can benefit from my poem. Thank you again, my friend! 💕

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