A Raindrop In Your Desert – 2nd version of an improved poem thanks to poet Donald Standeford’s collaboration

violet white flower

I am a dew drop in your desert
You are a pearl in my ocean
In this groaning world
It’s either dust or turbulent waters.

You’d die of thirst
I’d wish to die in a raging flood
But long ago the flood found me
By deceit I was swept away
By this neoliberal world.

Unveiling its darkness
Three bullets besiege our souls:
Stole our precious time
Reload, two more rounds

I miss that I don’t read anymore
I’m subserviant to those who make the time
For personal growth, artistic reflection on self

Still as rocks we cannot be
Chipped away or burned to ashes
Awaiting Einaudi’s Divenire?
What will we become?

As Queen Bohemian’s Rapsody
Carries me by the headphones away
Part of me sees hope in surrender to the mundane
The other part of me only defeat
Amid the storm and its crashing waves

Multilayered skins?

Each layer is a bullet fired
Against their system.

Layers of art and poetry lines
Our little raindrops in the desert.

I am a raindrop in your desert.
But unfortunately I cannot provide
All the rain a friend like you would need.
No rainy day friend.

If I could just make it rain
As it did yesterday in my town
After so many months of silence
I felt its sound and cadence
The humid touch on my skin.

This would be the rain
For a no rainy day friend.
Yet I am still a raindrop in your desert.

Dyed my hair red passion today
As I would just dye the wide ocean
And red would be the love we all need
Where three things must always be:

Your willpower, your talent and
The third, the most difficult
Of all the things to achieve, is
The opportunity,
Someone’s willingness, as you say
A world that mentors that love.


© November 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés with Donald Standeford’s collaboration

I highly recommend you Donald Standeford’s blog: https://donaldstandeford.com/

28 thoughts on “A Raindrop In Your Desert – 2nd version of an improved poem thanks to poet Donald Standeford’s collaboration

    1. Thank you so much. Your comment means a lot to me. It really satisfies me that this poem is reaching so many of you. I think I especially owe it to poet Donald Standeford. He is very kind and talented.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for liking this poem and also for the follow. So glad you have enjoyed this poem. Poet Donald Standeford has helped me a lot to improve this piece. He really is a great writer and a very kind person.


      1. You did improve many aspects in this poem, half of it, especially its flow and musicality. That is why it now also belongs to you. And I like the idea of something we both share. Why not? Isn’t that beautiful? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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