Girl, my little pearl

Girl, my little pearl
you swirl in golden waters
when you wear the highest heels
when you show your slim body
when you put on that lovely dress
when you wear that perfect make-up
when you exhibit those expensive earrings
when your fingers and toe nails are so carefully painted
when you completely remove all your hairs
(except those on your head)
when your hair is dyed accordingly
(never forget to dye it when you grow older,
you should always look younger)

Girl, my little pearl
you still want to swirl in goldern waters
when you exhibit those piercings and tattoos
though they are not still enough,
so you will want to have some more, perhaps
some botox and breast size operations too.

And girl little pearl says:

I do not want to wear high heels,
they’ll ruin my feet and back forever.
I was not born with a slim body so
why should I want to have it?

I do not want to wear that lovely dress,
it’s terribly uncomfortable, unpractical,
has no pockets and it’s too cold now,
so why should I wear it?

I do not want that make-up made of chemicals affecting my health.

They always want to sell
and so they never tell.

The same with nail polish. I do not want it
unless I buy these things at the organic shop
just in case I changed my mind.
I do not have earholes for earrings.

Why does almost every girl have them
to mark their gender as soon as they’re born?

My mum has those earholes and wore once
some unexpensive pair of earrings, bad metal,
and ended up with red skin, red spots and allergy.

No, I do not want earholes to mark my gender differentiation.
I want to choose if I want them or not when I grow up.
As for my hair and its natural color,
I am perfectly satisfied, well, perhaps
some streaks to highlight a bit of color
together with shades of greys and whites.
I want to look my age, why younger?
I am getting older and have grey hairs.
So what? Will I be less of a woman
if I don’t dye my hair anymore?

I refuse irreversible things
like piercings and tattoos.
Some other women and men
may like them very much.
Perhaps they’ve been the luckiest ones
who had no health problems so far
after piercings and tattoos
marked their bodies

I do not want this on my body
I do not want to be obsessed by esthetics
I do not want to do something just because
it’s fashion, everyone does it.
I do not want to be who I am not
I want to be myself
I want to be appreciated for who I am.
And if somebody wants to love me
I’ll say, please, look first at my inside
and then you’ll be able to decide.

I am no girl, little pearl
to swirl in golden waters
I am simply who I want to be
now you just take me or leave.

© February 2019 Marta Pombo Sallés


55 thoughts on “Girl, my little pearl

      1. To be even handed, Marta . . .
        Boys, playing
        with all those boy toys.
        Splashing and swirling
        in life’s muddy puddles.
        Showing off those inked
        and pumped up muscles.
        Orthodontic smiles that sparkle
        behind maticulous stubble.

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      2. Wow, another beautiful response of yours,
        which always brings me immesurable joy,
        just be yourself whether a girl or a boy
        or a trans, everyone deserves open doors.
        Fight cultural gender discrimination,
        boy toys, girl toys, such absurdity annoys;
        look for a better equality education
        something you, me and someone already employs.

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  1. Excellent Marta
    You are pure of golden heart
    A woman’s skin is beautiful unmarked
    And the signs of age earned are a glorious gift
    Not everyone has the privilege
    I too enjoy these things
    My wrinkles don’t need filler
    Without them I have no story
    As always I enjoy your blog!:)

    Liked by 3 people

  2. ‘I want to be appreciated for who I am’, ‘Look first at my inside’ touched my heart. Beautiful at its core. Someone once said to me, why ‘try’ and look as beautiful as a diamond when you’re already a treasure. I love this piece. Well penned.

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  3. I saw this reblogged on David Redpath’s page. I just wanted to say that the poem is beautiful and I feel so strongly the essence of this poem. I am not a pearl, though I am as mother of pearl; I am crystalline, but not a crystal; I am precious, but not a treasure trove. I am a fractal, fractured and fragile personality that elicits others to drape strings of pearls upon my chest, wrapped around my neck. I am thankful for all gifts I receive, but am seen as ungrateful because such gifts do not satisfy me. I am seen as unappreciative because I want more. It is not that I want more tributes, but that I want it to mean more than what it simply just “is what it is”…

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  4. I very much enjoyed reading this, and thoroughly agree with you. I have always thought the cosmetic industry is a massive con game and too few see through it. My wife looks so much better without makeup, but I don’t think she believes me when I tell her so.

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  5. FOUND this delightful poem via David Redpath—he featured you so I assumed–perhaps wrongly (?) that you wouldn’t mind my feblogging it and spreading your established talent ever wider. Is it gtrue—as David suggested—that you are as able with a scimitar aswith a fan?

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