A Message – a poem by David Redpath

(Photo : david redpath © 2017)

To know what Love is,
with just a picture big glimpse
through an open door.
Beyond the broken schemes,
and forsaken dreams,
littering a crooked floor.
Of things never spoken
this side of the shadow curtain.
Tasting that promise certain
of abundantly so much more.

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30 thoughts on “A Message – a poem by David Redpath

      1. And so are you, Newton! You have no idea of how glad I am to have come across you all in the wondrous poetic realms of wordpress.com. It just saddens me that the underpriviliged of this world do not even have time to enjoy all this because their first needs are not met: “I hear in the back of my head the story of elderly, who are committing crimes, so that they can go to jail to get three meals a day and housing.” (from my friend Mario Savioni’s impacting post: https://savioni.wordpress.com/2019/02/02/three-meals-a-day-and-housing/)

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  1. Thank you for the reblog, Marta 😎
    I’ve been unplugged recently, with two
    weddings in two weeks my two last
    remaining unmarried kids.
    Might inspire a piece of flash fiction,
    ‘Two Weddings and a Hangover’ ?😇

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    1. Congratulations for the two weddings! I like the suggested title with the hangover, haha! So glad your kids are happily married, where love is so difficult to find nowadays. For instance, what are the chances of a person who is attracted to a much younger one? Can this work and become love? This is a great post by my friend Mario Savioni perhaps you could reblog it also for your followers? https://savioni.wordpress.com/2019/02/12/pickles-and-tarts-chapter-6/

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