Twinkling Stars for Equity

Twinkling stars marching in March
a sky of illusions, a sea of hope.
Hardened souls scarred but hopeful
taking the streets on Women’s Day
claiming equality of rights,
opportunities and duties for all
respecting diversity in the world
fighting to achieve human equity.
No gender is meant to be superior.

Abolicionists all listen first
to the other souls before you prejudge
those who lead different lives than yours.
That prostitutes, sexual workers
and women who had abortions
cannot clearly think because of
psychological disorders
is just the absurdest thing ever said.
Is everyone of us perhaps
more psychologically stable
and even less prostituted in a world
of constant labor exploitation?

Politicians, legislators,
feminist groups and everyone,
invite the affected to sit at a table
and listen to what they have to say
before some of you start to


Let’s all be twinkling stars for equity
everyday, not just on Women’s Day.

© March 2019 Marta Pombo Sallés

43 thoughts on “Twinkling Stars for Equity

  1. Do first impressions linger
    as association’s finger
    points to egos’ heartfelt choices
    hurt by judgement heard in voices?

    Is taste a personal preference
    down to other peoples’ deference
    then with shock new generations
    move old guidelines’ inclinations?

    Acceptance is a yearning
    while exposing none-discerning
    choice persona’s needs on show
    Life’s all uniforms, I know.

    There are those that do
    There are those that don’t
    There are those that will
    And there are those that wont
    to their society’s norm.

    Lots of Love & Wisdom
    Sibyl X

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  2. Thank you Marta, I appreciate what you’ve said because I lack confidence.
    I find it so enjoyable responding in kind, as it broadens my mind.
    It’s the best empathy exploration practice I could have wished for. And it seems I’m not alone in this endeavour.
    Exploring and Sharing one’s emotional understanding is lovely, isn’t it.
    It’s very grounding
    Sibyl X

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      1. You are right with the cause-effect question. However, no matter how hard our life road might be, we must stay strong! You are a most talented poet. I am so jealous of your gift. Wish I could write as well as you do. Have a lovely day! 🌈☀🌿🌺😘💞

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  3. We deserve to reap what we sow Marta!
    I’m not very computer literate, that is why my posts and replies are unadorned.
    (I can just about cope with what I’m basically doing.)
    So, instead of imogees? I’ll use Xtra factor kisses.

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