Winter and Sparrow

Winter unfolds its alligator wings
and my poem rests upon the broken wings
of a lonely sparrow,
afraid of helicopter blades above
although we always handle all this with love
(except for a small minority of protesters),
each time we invade a street with firm though tired feet.
And thus we keep our non-violent resistance with huge persistence
till when, nobody knows,
as we walk with highs and lows,
because we cannot surrender,
be submissive or just tender.
We are passengers of our own time,
a time that tastes sour
in this new violet hour.
We have innocent people jailed and exiled,
prosecuted artists for expressing injustice.
This is a fight for real democracy
to get rid of an oppressive regime.
This is a human rights fight,
please wake up and see the light!

© March 2019 Marta Pombo Sallés

23 thoughts on “Winter and Sparrow

  1. “We are passengers of our own time,” – aptly describes our predicament. Unfortunately we थे passengers are divided, that division comes in many hues and the drivers and conductors exploit that division.

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  2. The reality is alone we cannot change the world, so all we can do is stand up for what is right and hope others see the light. Like a soft breeze, in time, there will be enough of ‘us’ to create a storm. Persistence! Keep inspiring, heartfelt poem. 🙂

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