The Thread of Intimate Resistance

Ominous winds sweep the earth
Flames get higher and almost
Burn you.
Breathing fresh air while rowing,
Your journey
Goes on.
The piercing ground lies at your feet,
The sheltering sky is also pierced
And more distant
Than ever.
Take your needle
Start to sow
Recompose the broken pieces
Of life’s puzzle.
This thread is your most
Intimate resistance.
Sow the sky, the ocean and
The earth.
Make a dress to protect the nudity
Of the leafless tree.
Save the heart from burning
And keep on rowing your boat.
Keep yourself afloat.

© March 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés

39 thoughts on “The Thread of Intimate Resistance

    1. Thanks, David. I am glad you like the advice. This poem is based on a book I read by Catalan philosopher Josep Maria Esquirol. The book has the same title as my poem’s. It is a great read but there is no English translation so far. I have tried to provide a very brief summary of Esquirol’s main ideas.

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  1. It’s so lovely and I can feel something in every word you write. In my head I make a journey, so endlessly liberating to your last word. I am grateful that you share and I have just had a flash of light in my life🦋
    Thank you🌸

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    1. You are welcome, dear Orkidedatter. You are very kind and this is a lovely comment! So glad my poem has a liberating effect on you. This feels me with great joy. Tusen takk! 🦋 😘 💞

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  2. The picture of the boat grabbed me! I kept going back to it while reading the poem!
    This poem is beautiful! It’s soothing and holds a lot of wisdom as well as..hope.

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  3. I find a life-boat is essential to buoy me up
    to anchor in a harbour’s peaceful glow.
    The sun and moon, and stars
    are there to guide me
    The wind and rain, and storms
    life’s seasons sow.
    Lots of Love.
    Sibyl X

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  4. This piece with a piece of advice is beautifully penned. The following image is so original: Sow the sky, the ocean and
    The earth.
    Make a dress to protect the nudity
    Of the leafless tree.”

    I love this image, Marta. 🙂

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      1. Thank you for your patience…but WP cancelled my “following” of you. Maddening! I’ve heard of others with the same problem. So aggravating.

        But know, Marta, that I’ve “re-followed” you. I don’t want to miss a word of your work.

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