A Silent Voice

A silent voice conveys the absurdity
Of fear instilled
With perversity.
That which the hours have just started
To gnaw
To chew
To eat away with the passing of our
Limited time
Toppling the glass
Half-empty or half-full?
Never mind, in the end
The glass is overwhelmed:
Broken promises burned every day.
Once the rain topples the glass
We shall drink to become
A rainbow of awakening
Our silent voices singing.

© March 2019 Marta Pombo Sallés

37 thoughts on “A Silent Voice

    1. You are welcome, Bojana. I am glad I have been able to inspire you. I guess that is one of the best things in these wondrous realms of wordpress.com. It is a lovely karma-effect of giving and taking, isn’t it?

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  1. Well penned, beautifully written, and I read this piece with a heavy heart. Your words, ‘Gnaw’, ‘Chew’ at the issues which plagues humanity, ‘eat away’ ‘our limited time’ to make a difference. ‘Half empty’ or ‘half full’, its only when we’re ‘overwhelmed’, humanity opens her eyes to see ‘broken promises burned every day’. This is how I interpret these words. Marta this piece is brilliant and does not hold back, and after what’s happened in New Zealand my mind ticks like a clock trying to make sense of it all. I see world leaders debating, acting like spoiled children and I’m ashamed. Humanness is dying, but then you give us hope. You are inspiring. I do apologise to be long winded. Lastly your words, ‘Awakening and Silent Voices Singing’ gives me hope we will have a better tomorrow.

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  2. Hey Marta, just wanted to let you know my blog is now private. Had some ‘problems’ I wanted to get rid of, and I’m afraid this was the only way to stop some people from reading and harassing me. Anyway, you’ll need to ask for permission so I can grant you access, that is if you still want to read me. It’s easy, you’ll see.
    Hope to see you there.

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