KIZZY CAT’S HOME LIFE – A Poem by Jonathan Caswell

Want to see what Master’s got,

Missy’ll give me more…

I’ll give my tease my very best shot

for morsels on the floor!

They’ve leaned that touching me

requires sensitivity…

A back of the hand

Feels grand

Along the top of me!

I really have sensitive skin,

And have special food t take in…

Whether Master or Missy

I turn very hissy,

Whenever manhandled by them!

Master cleans my box,

after doing his own…

His flushes loud disturbing my rest,

But he takes care o my own.

They got me a bed as a spare,

I don’t always sleep just there…

Carpet’s nice

To take in sights,

I sleep most anywhere!

As yet, I cannot climb up

Into the window sill…

since they have plant pots there

I wonder if I ever will!

In general I’ve learned to stay

Safely out of their way…

He talks she sings

al kinds of things,

It makes for a comforting day!

Missy feeds me

After Master gives me some too…

Twice or three times a day

Is grand for a cat to do!

I don’t always come when he calls,

for Missy, reserve usually falls…

She is closest

To my old Missy Lois,

I miss her greatly–my loss!

I think I’ve amply

Relayed what home life’s for me…

If I don’t know you

I’ll hide till you’re through,

With these two I’m very happy!

Kizzy Cat Caswell

(as told by Jonathan Caswell, poet)

If you want to read more of his poetry you will find it here:

26 thoughts on “KIZZY CAT’S HOME LIFE – A Poem by Jonathan Caswell

  1. BY THE WAY—that picture is of my fellow blogger, Ivon Prefountain, who has his own fine blog, called TEACHERS AS TRANSFORMERS. To wit:
    2 Replies
    Ivon Prefountain,

    Teaches for intellectual gain…

    He’s not a girl

    But I’m pleased he would dwell,

    Over here as in his own domain!

    Myself, I didn’t work out in teaching,

    But glad that he is reaching…

    So many who learn

    Ignorance to spurn,

    As well as this blogger reaching.

    I’m glad for his company,

    All these years in bloggery…

    Will we see a new post–

    Don’t give up the ghost–

    Unless life veers directionally !
    –Jonathan Caswell
    (And thank you for all your kind comments! And to MOMENTS, for this reblog…the first …of many? )

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