Escape, Illusion and Hope (English + Catalan versions)


Wandering          state of irreality
The moon on a cloud          ripples dreams
Of impossibility

Bird flying          bleeding heart
Icarus wings melted          sunk into the ocean
Of a sandy illusion

Emerald pine tree          stains souls          evergreen
Vanishes sadness and emptiness          meandering through time
Of Hope


Viatjant          estat d’irrealitat
La lluna en un núvol          fa onejar somnis

Ocell volant          un cor sagnant
Ales d’Ícar          es fongueren          caigudes en l’oceà
d’il.lusió en l’arena

El pi maragda          tenyeix ànimes          de verd etern
esvaeix la tristesa i la buidor          viatjant en el temps
de l’Esperança

© April 2019 Marta Pombo Sallés


40 thoughts on “Escape, Illusion and Hope (English + Catalan versions)

  1. It is a good portrait of a constant struggle. The Moon was a good choice for a main character…Shakespeare’s phrase “th’inconstant moon” leapt immediately to mind. What is more Irreal (love your word “irreality”) than something that can look like a fingernail, an egg, a lamp, a grapefruit…AND a face?

    Every new post of your contains treasure, Marta.

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    1. I learned about the Icarus myth when I was in elementary school and it became one of my favorites. Thank you so much for this great reading and understanding. Your feeback is very encouraging to me.


  2. Marta….I so love your vision of a theme. So delicately you weave words together to paint a portrait for your readers. Though I can’t read the Catalan, know how much that impresses me to see you bridge so many languages.

    I’m in awe, Marta…truly.

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    1. Thank you. I just listen to the inner voice of my soul and write what comes to the mind. English is my third language but it is easy for me to write in this tongue because I am very emotionally attached to it for various reasons. My WP readership is mainly English speaking.

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  3. This is the first piece of yours I’ve read, and I feel a real kinship and connection to your words, in fact I just used a line about the moon’s ripples in my latest poem, how beautiful is that symmetry? Escape, illusion, and hope, so beautifully portrayed by you in this poem. In two languages! Amazing. Great to have found your work, I’ll be back.

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