The Inner Voice of Delusion

You climb the ladder of my thoughts
and yet flowers repent time spent
because your action comes too late.
You’ve destroyed a magic garden.

Perhaps you’ve done this half unconsciously
but my body and soul are now
the recipients of a million wounds
that will conform a landscape of scars.

There was a time when I believed
the voice of your soul was breath to me.
Now it just comes as a stare (stair) of winds
moved by the same chained melody.

And while I look up the lifting clouds
watching the sun come up again
I know I finally learnt something
from my inner voice of delusion.

© June 2019 Marta Pombo Sallés

86 thoughts on “The Inner Voice of Delusion

    1. Yes, your summation is perfect. This poem is meant for every one of us who, despite life’s harshness where we often feel deluded, where we delude ourselves, are still able to get the positive part of it. Thank you for this great comment, Ivor. Much appreciated!

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    1. Thank you so much, Shantanu. Great reading and interpretation! As I’ve just told Ivor, this poem is meant for every one of us to learn the positive part from any experience of delusion in our lives.

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    1. I think we can always learn from our inner voice. If we listen closely to it we will see it speaks to us in terms of what happens inside of us which is, at the same time, connected to the world outside. We are individual souls yet connected with the rest of humankind and the world. Therefore, I think learning from the inner voice is something each one of us can do. The poem is addressed to all of us in this respect. I hope I have been able to send this message. Thank you for your lovely comment, Ashok!

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      1. Oh yes Marta; we are individual souls and yet all are connected. I believe in it with all my heart. And we can and should listen to our inner voices. I was intrigued by the ‘listening to the voice of delusion’
        Outside world is more delusive than the inner – isn’t it?

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      2. Yes, you are right. The inner voice of delusion comes from both the inside and outside of us. The outside world influences the inside of us which can, however, also be delusive as well because we project things and expectations onto other people that are very often unreal. Take, for instance, the novel my artist-writer Mario Savioni is currently writing and posting on his blog, “Pickles and Tarts”. This lovely story is essentially about the inner voice of delusion. The main character, 54-year-old Frank is completely obsessed and internally deluded with his impossible love relationship with 19-year-old Nicole. The difference in age could perhaps be overcome, but the reality is that Nicole told Frank that she wants a non romantic relationship with him and that she has a boyfriend. However, the cyber space relationship between Frank and Nicole still goes on. For Nicole it seems to be a game whereas for Frank it has become an obsession to cling onto the impossible. Mario writes so beautifully. I remember you liked one of my comments on his novel. It is really great work. This is his blog, he is a much better writer than me:

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  1. These voices of delusions, stay. They never leave. We often feel it to be utterly useless, but this very voice affects the greater part of our lives.

    You have put this voice in words so beautifully, Marta!

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    1. As always I love your great comments, Preksha. Yes, you’re right. We have to live with our voices of delusions. They are our haunting ghosts that affect all kinds of human relationships at all levels. I am glad you have seen this. I like that you find my words beautiful. Thank you so much for this great reading and commenting!

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  2. “There was a time when I believed
    the voice of your soul was breath to me”

    It is so confronting when we start to climb the stairs of realization that what we believed to be so true, what we so badly wanted to be true, is based on a delusion. Sometimes others do things that they know feed into these delusions too…

    Great poetry Marta. It resonates beautifully with me.

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  3. All I have to say is WOW!

    I have finished reading about, restrain from overwriting, let the reader feel the emotion, you’ve nailed it.

    Well done. I love the way you used the second voice and hammered (excuse the pun) the poem out to the reader, not to forget the picture, which to me was the cherry on the icing of the cake. Cheers 🙂

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  4. I really loved this! This is a feeling so relatable. Spending our time thinking about someone who doesn’t reciprocate our feelings, nor realizes how deeply our love for them runs. We hold on to hope that one day they will come around, that the hurt from feeling rejected will end, but to no avail. So we must accept the truth and let go. This is so beautifully penned, Marta! So much emotion felt in this. 😊💕

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  5. The inner voice is always a Good Friend it guides, it takes you to the right path and what not. But here it has been a delusion and is creating scars. No matter it has any how taught something.
    Nice interpretation Marta.
    I think you can enter this into ‘WP Daily SCAR’.


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  6. I like the somewhat surreal flow of this poem which, to me, deals beautifully with the way in which we try to fool ourselves into creating perfection. We want others to live within our delusions but, of course, they let us down (as does society which perpetuates the myth in order to control us) as they are concerned with their own delusions.
    And yet there is hope. Hope when we begin to see clearly.
    A fine piece.

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  7. is this inner voice of delusion the result of expectations unfulfilled? there is pathos running through the verses, a sublime anger raising its head. “the stare (stair)of the winds”- a whiff of melancholy perhaps?

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