42 thoughts on “My Poem on The BeZine

  1. Revealing how different what we say is from what we do in such excellent fashion is both refreshing and unnerving: it forced me to consider my behavior, especially online. Sometimes I feel entitled to bully if I am dealing with a bully, but that is of course self-perpetuating, because then the bully, who almost never considers him-or herself to be a bully, feels bullied, and thus entitled to punch back. Marta, thanks. Often a poem will elicit, “Wow, that’s nice,” but a poem that hits home and drives thoughtfulness goes above and beyond. The spectator becomes a participant, to the spectator’s betterment.

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    1. Thank you for such insightful reflections, Gary! Yes, that punching back becomes self-perpetuating and it is something we do half-unconsciously many times. I love the idea that a poem can turn the spectator into a participant. Thank you again for your insight and feedback!

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  2. This is a great piece of writing, and yes, you are correct, we have become a society which trivialises violence and indeed values such as respect and tolerance. For all of the benefits if the age in which we are living technology has opened up a can of worms where people almost feel obliged to comment publically, and with negativity being praised.
    Strange times indeed. Great post.

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    1. Thank you, Chris. I love your comment, so thoughtful and well grounded. I agree with you that digital communication has a dark side, what you call a “can of worms”. It is a fact that people behind a screen dare say despicable things to others they would not tell face-to-face. A screen provides a sense of false anonymity. It is like social shame and introversion are gone all of a sudden. Now we have the eternal problem of bullying plus cyberbullying. In this respect, my piece intends to remind us all of both problems. From what you said it seems I have succeeded at that with my humble writing. Thank you again!

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