Switch on Freedom

I bought this freedom online.
It arrived just a few days ago.
The messenger left it at my door.
I came from work and found it,
took it inside and read the instructions.
It only needed three batteries
and then I switched it on.
The yellow letters came alive
illuminating the whole room.
The word became the most important.
I switch it on and off as I want.
It shines the most when darkness comes.
That’s when I switch it on.
It reads llibertat
which means freedom
in the Catalan language.
Yet freedom speaks all languages
and so I want to switch it on
in each corner of the world,
for you and for me and for us all.
But just one thing to remember:
We need everlasting batteries.

© 2019 Marta Pombo Sallés

43 thoughts on “Switch on Freedom

  1. I love your poem, Marta, and yes, everlasting batteries would be wonderful if only that simple. I love that you are shining the light of Catalan freedom “llibertat” for everyone to see. For, in every language freedom is something that all should share and have in common and that should make the connection to all of us, which is so important. Have a wonderful holiday and an amazing New Year!

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  2. BRILLIANT!!! Happy Be-lated Christmas to You, Marta!!! And surely, somewhere someone is developing a small solar panel that has a battery end that will be everlasting!!! Sending You HUGE hugs!!! 🤗❤️😊

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