When The World Became Still

When the world became still
The sun would still rise in the morning
And you’d think the birds would sing louder than ever,
Or was it because the noise of the cars had suddenly stopped?
The air became more breathable
I so longed to breathe and touch nature
Yet we were told to stay home. 
Spring coming.
Flowers blossoming.
Forbidden spring.
We could only imagine the woods
Or the sound of the ocean,
Our favorite places just pictured in our minds
Or seen from our terrace
If we were lucky to have one.
When the world became still
None of us could ever imagine
What came after:
Social distancing
Masks worn everywhere
Even if you we’re walking alone
In the street
You wouldn’t risk
A fine from the police
Or a terrible look from any citizen.
Such was the social pressure
When the world became still
We began to miss friends, relatives,
Kisses, embraces
And the most of all:
Our stolen freedom.
How much of this was really necessary?
Was it all the same in each and every country?
You wouldn’t want any single person losing their lives
Or having persistent symptoms
Of a virus, of poverty and/ or 
Of anxiety
For life?
When the world became still 
The economy was also taken to an ICU.
A much bigger one:
Increasing poverty
Mental health problems
Elderly people
Dying of loneliness.
When the world became still
Doctors, nurses, cleaners,
Shop employees, essential workers,
Homeless people,
Victims of sexual abuse,
Victims of any other abuse,
All of them needed also an ICU.
When the world became still
Some people did not become still.
Social protests for economic reasons,
Protests against people unjustly imprisoned
Or forced to live in exile,
Just to name a few.
When the world became still
Home office and homeschooling became the rule.
Overwhelmed parents
Tightrope walking.
Mostly affected women
Traditional carers for children and elders.
Where have all women’s rights gone?
Long time passing for equal rights?
When the world became still
It did not certainly become that still.

© 2021 Marta Pombo Sallés

22 thoughts on “When The World Became Still

  1. Hi Marta, I was trawling through the comments on my blog and found some lovely ones you made some time ago, which I greatly appreciated at the time. I dropped in here to read some of yours.
    Glad to see you are still writing. This poem is terrific, it really captures the quietness, fear, despair and confusion of these ‘Covid times’. What a world we live in! Stay safe and well. ❤️🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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