Upon the highest cliff something awakes Below is the turquoise-blue ocean glare While the sun reflects on its silent waves A butterfly rises up in thin air   My wings felt the warmth of a cloudless sky I breathed the air and found pleasure, yet My heart was afraid of flying too high A sudden… Continue reading Afloat

The Thread of Intimate Resistance

Ominous winds sweep the earth Brazen. Flames get higher and almost Burn you. Breathing fresh air while rowing, Your journey Goes on. The piercing ground lies at your feet, The sheltering sky is also pierced And more distant Than ever. Take your needle Start to sow Recompose the broken pieces Of life’s puzzle. This thread… Continue reading The Thread of Intimate Resistance

The Park

Trees and blue sky, sweet lavender and rosemary not knowing why a few lines I could invent. Soft wind caressing my face and the birds singing distant feeling this nature’s embrace longing to hold. So much there is now at stake sunbeams crossing through tree leaves, peaceful water of the lake sensing all, what nature… Continue reading The Park