Fragile White Feathers (English + Catalan versions)

ENGLISH: Fragile white feathers fighting against the wind such are the harsh lives of most people surviving through arts and poetry. I watch her in the distance. She sits alone, at the back, eyes closed, listening to the magic flow. The smoothness of poetry. She revels in it. Next time I approach her we become… Continue reading Fragile White Feathers (English + Catalan versions)

Escape, Illusion and Hope (English and Catalan versions)

ENGLISH: . Wandering state of irreality The moon on a cloud ripples dreams Of impossibility . Bird flying bleeding heart Icarus wings melted sunk into the ocean Of a sandy illusion Emerald pine tree stains souls evergreen Vanishes sadness and emptiness meandering through time Of Hope . CATALÀ: . Viatjant estat d’irrealitat La lluna en… Continue reading Escape, Illusion and Hope (English and Catalan versions)