Power Abuse

Power abuse The core of misery, Eternal damnation For humankind. You and I, And many more, Will spend our lives Out of the eggshells Trying to save ourselves From those in the dark. We’ll swim like swans Across the lake, But we’ll have to face What dwells Underneath.   © May 2018 Marta Pombo Sallés… Continue reading Power Abuse

Estancia oscurecida (Spanish + English translation)

Cuando del cielo negras nubes de tormenta desencadenan la tempestad que siempre ominosa, se avecina lenta y amenazan con su crueldad a esta desdichada tierra, entonces penetran a través de una ventana traspasando la tenue cortina dentro de aquella estancia divina cuya luz es radiante como la mañana y alegría es lo que encierra.  … Continue reading Estancia oscurecida (Spanish + English translation)

Escape, Illusion and Hope (English and Catalan versions)

ENGLISH: . Wandering state of irreality The moon on a cloud ripples dreams Of impossibility . Bird flying bleeding heart Icarus wings melted sunk into the ocean Of a sandy illusion Emerald pine tree stains souls evergreen Vanishes sadness and emptiness meandering through time Of Hope . CATALÀ: . Viatjant estat d’irrealitat La lluna en… Continue reading Escape, Illusion and Hope (English and Catalan versions)