Waiting With Eternal Innocence

Nenufars copy

Gentle breeze threads across the leaves
Of forlorn trees.
Their wishes denied.
Voracious coldness penetrates
The shivering hearts,
The most vulnerable selves.
For some of us are like those trees
With solid roots still anchored
In the flower of eternal innocence.
Its petals intact and fresh
As we know of no armor to protect
The nudity of our restless souls
In constant search for
Love and Justice.

When freezing winds blow toward us
We expect them to be mild.
We smile at them politely
Oozing our radiant innocence.

We think the other people
Will treat us equally well
As we usually treat them.
We believe all they say and,
By doing so, we often get hurt
As some people lie to us
Or abuse us with their tricks
Of power and greed.

We are unable to hit back
Or to say NO before it happens
Or to STOP the action before it ends.

Our skin is too thin.
We are highly sensitive,
And so we recede in isolation
Feeling deeply wounded
With bleeding hearts
And thousands of tears.

Yet sooner or later we recover
From each bitter experience.
We elevate ourselves in flight again
Thinking we will not get hurt next time
Until our hearts start to shiver once more
As new winds of coldness
Come to greet our inner souls,
Sometimes mercilessly,
Others simply unconsciously.
For many people just do not know
How to do things better.
We do not know it either.
We are preys of extreme vulnerability because,
No matter what happens, we always remain
And innocent.

And that is how we live our lives
Expecting insensitive behaviors to change,
Fighting for better human understanding,
Hoping for changes to happen
And always waiting
With eternal innocence.


© August 2017 Marta Pombo Sallés

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